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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Thorpe Park 28-35 Seater Coach Hire 
Who we are 
We are a private business company that is independent in offering minibuses for hire in Thorpe. We avail 28-35 seater coach hire that will enable you reach your destination with a lot of ease. We provide transportation services to Thorpe Park and to all the major attractions in the park. We have acquired experience, especially in transporting clients to Thorpe Park. 
Why we are better than our competitors 
Extensive services 
We are dedicated to serving both locals and tourists with high standard of services. We avail our services 24 hours a day. We prevent mistakes that may lead to wrong selection of capacity minibuses by employing experienced attendants who offer guidance on how to book the right vehicle that will perform your work best. 
Experience drivers 
Drivers plays important role in our business industry. They lead our clients to the parks with ease and make them feel very comfortable. 
Comfortable travel 
We a guarantee 100% satisfaction when you book our minibus hire in Thorpe Park. You will be able to listen to your favourite music as you travel with us. There is a free flow of air, leather seats, DVD and VCD player, coloured screen and beverage drinks on the go.  
Things to do and see in Thorpe park with our minibuses 
Thorpe Park is a 500-acre park located in the Surrey few distance from London. The Park is one of the leading leisure and entertainment providers in the region. It offers different forms of riding, including the water ride that is the unique ride in Europe. You can have your time to ride in the Rider roller coaster. The riders are seated in a row of two on any side of the track. 
Stealth is a major interesting site that dominates the skyline at Thorpe Park with its 205-foot tower. You will have a fun ride: you won’t wish to be distracted by anything in your adventure. Never worry where to eat and where to find accommodation, Thorpe shark hotel offers any kind of food you may wish to taste. 
Another attraction in the area is the Calypso Quay, which offers four rides. While at the Quay, you can see Nemesis inferno that is a B and M inverted coaster themes around a volcano. The water rapid ride is the oldest attraction in the area, which is a very interesting place to visit. 
If you need Thorpe Park minibus hire, our 28-35 seater coach are always available, just contact us anytime!