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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Thorpe Park Birthday Coach Hire  

Do you have any birthday party coming up for you, your friend or family member? You may be looking for the perfect venue to hold this great event and possibly transport to get you there as a group. We have the right birthday coach hire package to get you going. 
As Thorpe Park minibus hire Company, we have what it takes to handle any number of people travelling at the same time. We can send a Mercedes 16 seater coach or one of our 72-seater Volvos to ensure you all travel together. If your number is smaller than that, an 8 seater Ford Transit will suffice. 
Things to Do in Thorpe Park 
Our minibus hire in Thorpe Park couch will pick you from your hotel or at the train station and take you directly to this theme park. Once inside, the atmosphere is totally exciting as there is so much to do under one roof. 
The Swarm  
Once you are strapped and ready to roll, the Swarm takes you for a thrilling ride through paradise…sorry…Hell! This is a themed roller coaster ride, and yes, there are several spooky moments along the way. The coaster picks up at speeds of up to 59mph and shoots up to heights of 128 feet then drops down the same distance in a flash. If you are able to hold your lunch by the end of it, you were born for it. 
The X 
One of the first rollercoaster to be built on Thorpe Park and it’s even more unique since it doesn’t run on electric power. The ride takes you through indoor tunnels with flashing lights and interesting sounds coming in at intervals. The coaster travels at a speed of 28 mph and can rise up to 42 feet in its course. 
Tidal Wave  
Another exciting roller coast ride that takes you through a drop as usual but there is a catch at the end; lots of water spraying from everywhere! Once you are strapped in, the coaster rises up a height of 85 feet, rides on level ground briefly before the massive drop at 45 mph that climaxes with the heavy sprays coming from the track itself. The thrill is in trying to guess the exact moment when the gushes will hit you, and it gets more fun when you hear your friends screaming from beside you. 
The Vortex 
Just by watching the Vortex in action, your heart will begin to pound and the goosebumps show up when it’s your turn to ride. The Vortex is one of the best KMG afterburners in the theme park that rotates constantly while oscillating to and from at great powers. If you have ever watched a pendulum in action, think of yourself as the ball attached to the end but this time you are spinning as the oscillation distance goes higher and higher. 
Events in Thorpe Park 

Ministry of Sound ‘I Love House Concert’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (23rd July 2016) 
Celtic Fest (Family Event), Surrey Museum, Surrey County (12th March 2016) 
Night of ‘Throwback Anthems’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (1st October 2016) 
Ministry of Sound ‘Summer Sessions’ Concert, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (20th August 2016) 
Surrey Festival of Dance, Surrey Arts Centre & Theatre, Surrey County (29th March- 30th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

Since it’s your birthday, we want to give you a fun day at the Thorpe Park, enjoying all the activities you can get your hands into. We will put you in a luxurious Thorpe Park minibus hire coach and even include some on-board amenities like a drink cooler. Visit our website today and see what kinds of discounts we have on all birthday coach hire packages.