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Festival Coach Hire

Thorpe Park Festival Coach Hire
The season of festivals and concerts is here as crowds gravitate towards Thorpe Park. Thorpe park minibus hire wants to make your jamming session this year a lot easier. We are offering you a Mercedes 16 seater with on-board amenities so you can show up at the events in style. 
Let’s face it; there is no time to flag down taxis home after having your share of fun. Plus with so many people at the festivals, demand is high and so is the price. It makes more sense if you book a minibus hire in Thorpe Park in advance and guarantee your own transport home. 
Festivals to Attend at Thorpe Park 
If it’s not the thrill of the many roller coasters at the Park, then it definitely has to be the frequent festivals. There is something for everyone—both young and old—and some parties can even go overnight till morning. If you have fully exhausted other attractions within Kent, then do yourself a favour and visit these festivals at Thorpe Park. 
Cornucopia Fall Festival 
This is a community celebration with lots of stuff to indulge in like the fun house, pumpkin patch, the Ferris wheel, hay rides, pie eating contests, pony rides, circus performances and even a live concert tour. Cornucopia is well enjoyed with your family or friends as you all show up in your festival minibus hire and jump right into the action. Food and drinks are served in the festival to keep the party going. 
Island Beats Concerts 
This is a concert for all those people who love deep house music and many other genres. What makes Island Beats unique is that the live music is staged next to the various coaster rides at Thorpe Park. So on a lucky day, you can have SKrillex exciting the crowd next to the Swarm or Ellie Goulding making a debut performance as revelers are enthralled on the Colossus. Conquer any of these coasters, and then join other live gig fans in chanting the bridge of their favourite songs. 
Events in Thorpe Park  
Ministry of Sound ‘Summer Sessions’ Concert, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (20th August 2016) 
Night of ‘Throwback Anthems’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (1st October 2016) 
Ministry of Sound ‘I Love House Concert’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (23rd July 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
No festival happens in Thorpe Park without our knowledge and we will get you there before it even gets crowded. Our festival coach hire rates are quite consumer friendly and we can add a trained friendly driver to chauffer you for the night. Visit our minibus hire in Thorpe Park website and get your first festival coach ride to the festivities.