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Funeral Coach Transfers

Thorpe Park Funeral Coach Hire 
As you plan the perfect send off for your bereaved, we believe you want everything to go well on that day, including transport to and from the funeral. We as Thorpe Park minibus hire want to help out by providing convenient coach services. We have been stationed near Thorpe Park for years thus we understand its ins and outs. We will ferry people to the ceremony on time and ensure you have ready transportation whenever guests want to leave. 
We make our funeral coach hire in Thorpe Park readily available through our website. We have a fleet of top notch vehicles ready to serve you—from a Mercedes 16 seater to 72 seater Volvos for the funeral procession. If you are just holding a small sending off ceremony, then an 8 seater or 14 seater Ford Transit coach will do. 
Things to Do in Thorpe Park  
Thorpe Park is the best place to be if you need your spirits livened. The theme park is designed with activities for both kids and adults. Take the time to visit some of these attractions within the park that attracts tourists from all over.  
The Samurai  
This is one of the top roller coasters at Thorpe Park that calls for courage to ride it. The Samurai is a mondial top-scan coaster that can go up to 60 feet in the air within a time frame of two minutes. The thrill of it is that you get rocked to and fro on your seat while the coaster spins and swings in the air—yes some dizziness is warranted.  
This roller coaster is all about speed and whether you don’t pass out by the time the ride ends. Picture yourself travelling at speeds of 8mph reaching a height of 205 feet in the air in only 26 seconds. The Stealth is the shortest ride in the park but one that will raise your hairs in seconds.  
Events in Thorpe Park  
Ministry of Sound ‘Summer Sessions’ Concert, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (20th August 2016) 
Surrey Festival of Dance, Surrey Arts Centre & Theatre, Surrey County (29th March- 30th April 2016) 
Ministry of Sound ‘I Love House Concert’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (23rd July 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
By providing affordable and convenient funeral coach hire in Thorpe Park, we want you to know that we stand by you even as you grieve. This is why we provide a comfortable coach hire that will ferry your guests to the funeral and stick around in case anyone wants to leave at any point. Visit our minibus hire in Thorpe Park website to book your first coach.