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Minibus Tours

Thorpe Park Coach Tours  
Thorpe Park is one of the most stylish resorts that offer fun for the whole family. This theme park is located in Surrey city, providing plenty of amusement activities to people coming in for the holidays. And there is an in-house hotel within the theme park; so you can always wake up to a morning of fun with friends or family. 
In case you don’t land a room within one of the on-site hotels, there are additional options outside the theme park but in close proximity. We as Thorne Park minibus hire will be glad to offer affordable transport plans to and from the park. Our Thorpe Park coach tours package is quite detailed in the number of attractions we will help you cover.  
Things to Do in Thorpe Resort Park  

We give our clients the choice of choosing whatever couch they desire from our fleet. It can be a Mercedes 16 seater or an 8 seater Ford Transit. We can also organise 72 seater Volvos just in case you are travelling in large groups. We will take you to the best activities within this theme park. 
Fun Rides  
If the rides are not a highlight of the amusement resort, then we don’t know what is. Thorpe fun and Amusement Park holds the biggest number of rides you can imagine and each varies in its level of difficulty. You can have a go at Nemesis Inferno, a rollercoaster that leaves your feet dangling in air as you get spun and turned at top speeds. An alternative is the Swarm which is the only winged rollercoaster you will find in the UK. 
But if you really want to feel challenged and possibly shaken at the end of it, there are three highlight roller coasters to try out. The first one is Colossus, a mega coaster that travels at 45mph through 10 enormous loops with acute twist and turns. The second is SAW the Ride, a rollercoaster with a horror touch to it; you guessed right, it is themed from the horror movie SAW. The crème of it all has to be Stealth, a coaster that charges up a 205 feet course at a staggering speed of 80mph. 
The 4D Movie Experience 
Thorpe was the first ever theme park to premier the Angry Birds 4D experience. Here is the best part; you actually feel the chairs rumble when the catapult is pulled and feel like you are flung across the screen to hit the green pigs. There are smoke blasts, light flashes and tickly sensations among many other effects. The Angry Bird Land is a must visit as you find your way through many other attractions. 
Resort Dining  
You have the choice of digging into a full course English cuisine or stretch your curiosity to the continental menu. There is an on-site bar and grill as well just in case you want steak and ale for a different day. Your kids will definitely love the king-size British beef burgers. For the adult, you will appreciate the Jack Daniels ribs and the complimentary bucket of champagne that comes with it.  
The Windsor Castle 
This castle is located outside the amusement park so a little road trip is warranted in your Thorpe Park minibus hire. Right next to the city’s train station is where you will find the Windsor Castle, basking in the warm summer sun, its medieval design beckoning you to approach. The castle is equally pristine on the inside, with symmetrical walls that shows you how much attention to detail was emphasised by early century architects. If you brought your kids along, there is a special room within the castle where they can play, dressed up with various kinds of costumes. 
Hatchlands Park  
This is a national trust mansion with the most beautiful green garden surrounding it; a 400 acre perimeter. It is said that the building got completed in the 18th century and was dwelt by the wealthy in Surrey County. The beautiful mansion has managed to preserve its detail through the years, its red-brick walls always warming up to the Surrey sun.  
Events in & Around Thorpe Amusement Park 
Ministry of Sound ‘I Love House Concert’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (23rd July 2016) 
Ministry of Sound ‘Summer Sessions’ Concert, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (20th August 2016) 
Night of ‘Throwback Anthems’, Thorpe Resort and Park, Surrey County (1st October 2016) 
Surrey Festival of Dance, Surrey Arts Centre & Theatre, Surrey County (29th March- 30th April 2016) 
Celtic Fest (Family Event), Surrey Museum, Surrey County (12th March 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Our minibus hire in Thorpe Park website is readily accessible with an online team awaiting your first order. We understand all the road networks in Surrey, especially those that get you to Thorpe Park faster. All our fleet couches are serviced before being handed to the client; we can also provide a trained friendly driver on request.